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Johnny Jolin Celebrates The Big 10
January 22, 2019



Country recording artist Johnny Jolin and Nashville-based LWM Records celebrate 10 years together. The creative alliance have produced nine releases, garnering two Top-30 singles including the 2011 hit "Thank God". LWM Records went onto place the substantial catalog in multiple formats including major outdoor programming and U.K.-produced agricultural documentary "Grassmen: Sustain The Flame".

"Time flies when you're doing what you love with people who share the same creative vision. Its been a pleasure working with this team." Jolin offered. "Its a rare thing to put together a group of people that like working together and can continue to move forward."

"The music industry is tough. You only have a chance if you combine hard work with talent," says Adam Williams, VP of Creative Services at LWM Records. "Johnny has that combination. He's a hard worker and a perfectionist in the studio. We have been fortunate enough to be able to push forward with the vision we started with and watch some of our goals be materialized. During the past 10 years, we've had to really adapt to the changes in the industry. We've watched delivery change from CDs to downloads to streaming. And these are extra challenging as an indie imprint. We look forward to continuing to see what lies ahead for this dream team."

Jolin has been writing and is preparing to record some new music in 2019 focusing on Spotify playlists.


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